Bowling Green School

Est. 1969

Why Attend BGS?

Bowling Green School provides a stable, Christian learning environment while presenting a Biblical worldview across all grade levels and areas of the curriculum.  The guiding principle of our curriculum is to educate the whole child in accordance with our philosophy of education. We strive to expose our students to knowledge and skills that will prepare them for 21st Century citizenship and service in the family of God.  Skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration are in ever-increasing demand in our digital and globally connected world, and technology at BGS has evolved as a tool for fostering these 21st century skills.  Our school houses two brand new wired computer labs, a 36-Ipad mobile lab, and three mobile Chromebook labs; most classrooms are equipped with SMART and/or Promethean Interactive technology. 

Encouraging and equipping students to develop moral integrity and spiritual strength is of utmost value to the Bowling Green School faculty and staff.  Daily scripture reading and prayer for Pre-K through 12th grade is led by students each morning.  A chapel service is held every Wednesday morning between 3rd and 4th periods in the school gymnasium for students in grades six through twelve.   Services are organized by local youth minister Cody Thomas and feature speakers from the Franklinton area who provide uplifting messages and spiritual food for our students.

The BGS faculty is comprised of dedicated and experienced professionals-- about half of whom hold post-graduate degrees. Since the average class size at BGS is 18 students, teachers are able to challenge students through individualized instruction and personalized feedback.

Bowling Green is accredited by AdvancedED/SACS, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE),  and the Mississippi Association Of Independent Schools (MAIS).